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Our dear California friends!!!

The most difficult part about moving Texas three years ago was definitely leaving our many friends and family. It has been so great being able to come back each year to visit with them all.  This year I really felt like I was blessed with a amazing amount of time with all my awesome friends. They had so much fun this summer hanging out a few times a week with different friends. Spending days at the cold river, playing at the park, going to the movie, selling popcicals to make money, and hanging at friends homes. they were in friend heaven! Zach and Alexis have also continues to keep in contact and keep up their friendships with their California friends.

We miss them!

Not so perfect….

Happy Valentines Day!

Perfectly imperfect is what we must call these.
Well, I was excited to try this recipe “High Hat Cupcakes” found on and Well the instructions seemed easy enough. Maybe I should have tackled this one on my own instead of with my two sweet helpers but they love to bake. Anyways If any of you have success with this recipe please tell me what you did right!
It started out fine but as you will see the final product looks very different then the example photo on the websites. My meringue frosting seemed stiff enough so I though it would work great. With each upside down dunk into the cooled melted chocolate bath the entire billowy whipped top would fall into the chocolate or next to the cup as seen below. Needless to say we were making a pretty good mess. I already had whipped sugary meringue all over me and the floor from my kids helpful whipping skills. The dog was enjoying licking it up. After 7 attempts to make these cupcakes just like Martha did i knew I had to improvise. So drizzling the chocolate over the top seemed the easies choice.

I guess I need to try easier recipes this Valentines. Chocolate dipped strawberries,  chocolate dipped Rice Krispy treats, and chocolate covered pretzels are always yummy and oh so easy! If any of you have fun, cute and easy treats please send them my way.

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Christina - February 14, 2011 - 2:37 pm

Oh, I think they look great and TOTALLY delish!!!! Too bad I don’t live closer (well maybe it is a good thing)!!! LOL

Anna - March 8, 2011 - 5:11 am

Ahhh, the kiddies look SO MUCH NICER….and I bet they enjoyed every single one of them too. Cute!

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