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Piano lesson have arrived at the tonkin house

At the start of this homeschool year we decided to purchase a digital piano and  have our little Alexis start taking piano lessons. Then a few weeks later we decided to have Zachary in lessons also. They are both really enjoying this instriment. Alexis is so diligent about practicing. She is also very hard on herself when she messes up by using the wrong finger or accidentally presses the wrong note. She is one hard working determined little girl.
In my opinion and observation Alexis is learning very quickly!

Zachary has had some musical instrument lessons in the past so he understand a bit more how it works. He need a bit more motivation to practice but still really likes it. He especially enjoys playing with the 700 sound effects on the piano. He still practices and wants to continue learning the guitar.

The piano is definitely easier for me to understand than the guitar. Jeff enjoys the guitar and practicing with Zachary.

Family night at Bat Bridge in Houston

Last week we decided to go visit the Bat Bridge at Buffalo Bayou Downtown Houston.  We went there hoping to see a good amount of bats flying around. We really did not know what to expect. We arrived to the bridge bat conservation lookout area about 20 minutes before sundown. As we walked towards the bridge you smell a very strong odor and then as you are right next to the bridge you hear them. Our dog Crystal was a little spooked. We decided to walk under the bridge to get the full experience. These bats do not live under the bridge; they actually live inside the bridge. They enter through the suspensions. While under the bridge Zach was lucky enough to get piddled on. We waited about 30 minutes when a few people that were watching started saying things like “I don’t think they are coming out tonight.” Then a few came out and sadly were snatched by hawks. I guess all the animals were out for dinner tonight. Then about 100 came out. We were getting kinda excited thinking this was it. Then OMGoodness it became like Gotham City. Hundreds of thousands of bats were flying quickly out of the bridge and headed somewhere all in the same direction. The bats continued to flood out of the bridge for a good 10 minutes at full force and then continued in a more dispersed amount. I had hoped to catch a photo of a bat up-close but they were swarming out of there way too quickly. Not to mention I have no skills in photographing moving animals, just toddlers. It was a fun family outing and to top it off we had just enough time to catch dinner at our favorite place. Come on, try and guess…. COSTCO!
Yup, we love Costco! We each ordered our favorite  pizza slice and a three scoop cone of gelato, all for $3.50 a person!

Yes, Zachary actually brought his Batman costume. Earlier in the day during school he said, “Mom I know the perfect thing to wear tonight.” He was so proud that he was the only one dressed as Batman and he loved all the attention he was getting from the bat watchers. He is so sweet and innocent. At 8 years old I know that this season will not last much longer. I love that he still likes to dress up!


This photo below is what truly was so amazing to me. The bats quickly flew out from the bridge and off towards and past this big building. In real life it really looked like something from a Batman Gotham style movie. It was pretty amazing.

Alexis has lost two teeth in one week!

Alexis lost tooth #2 & #3

So it was a few weeks ago when I blogged about Alexis loosing her first tooth. Well this week she decided to loose to more.

She lost her first top front tooth. This tooth defiantly made the biggest visible change in her mouth. She is such a brave little girl. Soon as it got to loose for her to put up with she said. “mom wake me up when dad get’s home so he can pull my tooth.”  So I did wake her up and sure enough she let daddy pull out her second tooth. Two days later she bit into a rice crispy treat and loosened her third loose tooth. that night she kept wiggling and a jiggling it and once again asked daddy to pulled for her. This time the tooth had a bit of blood on it so even though it did not hurt when it was pulled the sight of a spec of blood made her a bid woozy and sick. Poor thing she broke into a hot sweat and got very pail and said she could not move. We all know that feeling. My poor brave girl is now becoming a very rich little girl. She asked if she gets extra money for having two out in the same week. We  said “no” but told her said she can have extra cuddles. 🙂

Alexis has lost something….

Alexis had been a wiggling and a jiggling her little bottom tooth for some time now. Daddy plucked it out of her mouth right before her and Zachary played a game of football with daddy. She was so proud.

Zachary made sure to give her some advice.  He told her to wait and not put it under her pillow for a few days because then your tooth gains interest and that means you make more money. Wow they get smart and savvy quick and how sweet he is to teach her his ways….

Alexis currently has two other loose teeth so she will have a toothless mouth or a new set of teeth very soon.  Happy Brushing.

Man I love her happy face and dimples!

Our trip to Pacific Grove Ca

Jeff and I have always loved the California coast. Our little special area on the map is Pacific Grove. We love Kyaking, walking on the rocky shore and just watching the sunset.
Since having children we had not made it back to our coastal town. This year we finally made it.
We decided to stay at one of the nicest resorts that we could aford. It was nice and it was expensive. We later decided that we could be happy with less but still enjoyed the experiance.

We ate at our all-time favorite breakfast place. First awakenings.   they have an amazing breakfast menu and were even featured on one of Rachel Rays Tv shows. One of our favorites included, Organic hearty pancakes with loads of raspberries and chocolate in them. A stack of three is impossible to eat. they are as large as your plate!

The kids so enjoyed visiting the Pacific Ocean and walking on the rocks and exploring the tide pools. It was a fun adventure for us all. We also visited the Monterey Aguarium. My favorite exhibit was the Seahorse exhibit. Seahorses are so facinating. The one you see in our photos was amazing. It looks like a pile of floating seaweed but when you look closely you see the amazing creature our God created.

Our hotel had a special treat for the kids on our last night. They brought the kids cookies and milk in goblets. the kids thought this was fun. They decided to dress up in the oversized bath robes and eat their cookies and milk in style.


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