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  • Welcome to our family blog site! This is where we keep all our family and friends updated on all things Tonkin. We will also post, recipes, fun family ideas, recommended links and much more!

Our Home

Hello from the Texas Tonkin’s! We have been hear for 7 weeks now. So far we are really enjoying Texas and our new home. We were not even in the house for a full week before we put up the Christmas light and tree. Seven weeks later the tree and lights are put away and we are now trying to organize the house. So far the weather is wonderful. Some days it can be cold, around 48 degreese, and other days like today it is warm breesy 73 degreese. We were able to see one beautiful lightning shower. So fun to watch. We love are neihborhood and the people we are getting to know. We love being only three doors away from Virgil and Carla’s home. Yes we spend a lot of time together. Zachary and Alexis love running over to say hi.

We are now official bloggers and this is the easies way to keep in touch and everyone updated.
We plan to post something weekly and hope to add some video and audio clips in the coming weeks.
If you ever want to view more photos please visit

Christmas Memories 2007

This Christmas was truly fun, busy and full of memories in our new Texas home.
Christine’s parents came to visit for a month, her brothers came for 11 days and incase some of you didn’t knowwe live three homes away from Christine’s sister Carla and brother in law Virgil. So everyone on Christine’s side of the family was here for the Christmas holiday. We had wonderful time with everyone.
Alexis and Zachary had so much fun opening their gifts and playing with them!

We all had fun playing with this toy!

2006 Christmas Letter

Tonkin Family Newsletter December 2006
Merry Christmas!
Thank you for visiting our family website. Many of you have been requesting updates for the past few months. I am so sorry it has taken so very long but we can finally say that has been updated. With that being said we will probably only do one big update on the site a year. We will try to do a small update in June. So check back this summer.
We are all doing very well. It is so much fun seeing how excited our little Zachary and Alexis get over everything that makes Christmas so festive. We have already made our own family traditions of attending town tree lighting events, Making Gingerbread houses, Going to see Christmas performances, driving out of our way to see decorated houses etc… Seeing Christmas through Zachary and Alexis’ eyes and seeing how the simplest things get them so excited is so fun. For as much work children can be they bring SO much joy!!! Having a children truly helps us remember to enjoy life and every wonderful thing God has made in it. Zachary and Alexis are always forcing us and reminding us to slow down and just enjoy ever little small think that age makes you forget. Zachary is always asking or stating “God made_________”, “Isn’t it beautiful!”We have fun celebrating the traditional Christmas with all the lights and presents etc.. But we also value teaching what the real celebration for Christmas is. This year we are making a cake for Jesus and singing Happy Birthday Jesus.
What an eventful year full of so many blessings and reasons to thank the Lord. We have also had our share of true life (difficult) days. It is amazing how when we truly do lean on the Lord for strength, peace and guidance he provides it. Even on the days that we don’t lean on Him He helps us through. We are thankful that when we do look back over our year we truly remember all the blessed days and happy memories.
We like I said this year has been a full one.We started the year last January with Jeff continuing his schooling through AZ pacific collage. That kept him busy about 4 nights a week and on the weekend afternoons. So the kids and I were trying to live life as independent of needing him as we could. Once May hit we had all had enough of missing having daddy around and Jeff needed a break or else he said he may quit. So he has taken the past 6 months off from School. He plans to resume his schooling this January and has about 5 months to go.
In February Zachary turned 3 years old, we can’t believe how 1st our baby has grown. I know we will be forever saying “it seems just like yesterday.” Zachary received a trampoline for his birthday and that was a great gift for him and us parents as well. It is still one of his favorite things to do – Jump!
Christine’s sister Carla came out to visit us in March for two weeks. The kids love auntie Carla.
In April Zachary and Jeff had a great boys day out! Jeff surprised Zachary and took him to the Blue Angels Air show. Zachary still talks about how much fun he had watching the planes. Also in April Zachary had a tooth pulled. He had chipped it a few times and the tooth was not doing well so the dentist pulled it. Zachary handled the whole mini surgery great and was awake but numbed the whole time.Also in April Alexis learned to walk all by herself, no help!
In May Christine launched her first business Digi Smiles photo creations. She loves working on the computer designing digital scrapbooking layouts and cards so she decided to make some money at it. With only advertising through friends she was able to get a few jobs each month since then.
Also in May Christine started a preschool co-op group at our house. each week 15 plus kids and mommies would come over and share the responsibilities if crafts, lesson, story time, music time etc.. It has gone really well and Christine really has enjoyed doing this with her friends.
June 1st we celebrated Alexis’ 1st birthday. What fun that was. Once again, “We can’t believe how our baby Alexis has grown!” Read more about Alexis at age 1 Click HereIn June Alexis had her first significant owee. yep, a
In July we took a big 10 family vacation to visit Virgil and Carla at there new home in Texas. They love Texas and we saw why. It was great. The Lord blessed them both with good paying teaching jobs at the same school and a wonderful first home. Now they are apart of a church that they really love. Read their newsletter – Click here
In August we decided to put our house up for sale. So we did all the busy work it takes to get a house in tip top shape in hopes that it would sell at the price we wanted. Within the first week we realized that because of location and our bad timing we would have to lower the price. So we did and then we started getting a ton of traffic and we even got a handful of offers. But none of the offers were anything we wanted to take. So in October we took the house off the market and decided to stay put for now.
In September Christine started participating in our Churches Christmas musical, and Kids musical.Zachary is also apart of the kids musical. Christine has really enjoyed her weekly practice and fellowship with others in the musical.
In November Jeff started thinking about how he would really like to get involved and trained in photography. He has be interested for a long time. So after many talks with each other and others we decided to take a risk and invest in some professional quality camera equipment. Doing the photography actually is a great match for the business that Christine already started in May. So now we are and will be training ourselves and taking a few photo shoots friends and referrals over the next year. It has been great to train and make a little money on the side and give people a great deal to. If any of you are interested in having a family or children photo shoot over the next year please contact us for introductory prices and packages. Click Here to view a few photo shoot samples. We are loving learning this new hobby and business together and just love taking pictures.
So those are a few highlights for you.
We pray the Lord is richly blessing you and your loved ones during this Christmas Season. We know that there is always so much hustle and bustle during the holiday season please remember to relax, spend time with your family, make memories that will make you smile, sacrifice work because it will always be there tomorrow, focus on others and try to bless someone each day, remember that the true reason for the season is Jesus and the Love He has given to you and Me. Trust the Lord in everything and do not worry about tomorrow. Pray in everything and have a blessed New Year.
Blessings to you all,Tonkin Family
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