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  • Welcome to our family blog site! This is where we keep all our family and friends updated on all things Tonkin. We will also post, recipes, fun family ideas, recommended links and much more!

American Girl Store Houston – A little girls dream come true!

We had a great time yesterday at the “New” American Girl doll store in Houston. ¬†Alexis Got her first doll for Christmas last year. Ever since then she has been saving every penny earned and birthday money for her next doll.

  • Jeff said with a smile “If you are going to drag the boys to a doll store then you better make it worth it for us”. If you know Jeff, then you will know that this is the perfect thank you!

  • All Done!!! should I dare say it was not difficult for us to finish.

We Love our Texas Rainy Days

Today has been truly a fun day! In the early afternoon the summer rain started to fall. Oh how we love standing outside in the rain. Yes even me ūüôā After an hour playing in the rain Zach and Alexis asked if we could¬†make a mini bon fire. I thought sure I have time for this today. So I decided that our cast Iron pot would work as a good fire pit. We searched the house for things we could burn. Luck for us we found a bunch of unused paint sticks and newspaper. Alexis did not want to get to close to the fire but Zachary enjoyed every minute. We enjoyed a few mint chocolate marshmallows that we decided to roast. Zach likes his burnt. Alexis likes hers warm. ¬†After the rain the kids asked if they could draw all over their arms and legs with Crayola pens. They were surprised when I said yes. I even let them draw a few things on me. ¬†If you are wondering…. Yes, the pens are washable ūüôā !

I love my kidos and am so thankful I had a slower pace day to enjoy some fun things with them.

Mothers Day 2012

Jeff and the kids were so sweet. Jeff, Zach and Alexis made me an edible arrangement. It was delicious. After church and lunch they summoned me to the bedroom so they could make their surprise. It was great, I actually had time to deep clean my bedroom in peace. Their surprise took a bit longer then expected so I got a very rare and much needed hour long nap. When it was all ready. The kids were so excited and calling for me to come out. I thought they did an amazing job and I was so proud of Jeff because I know working in the kitchen can be a challange for him and he rocked it! So blessed.


Our Road trip to Destin florida and San Destin

Okay friends I seriously think this was one of the best vacations we have had since having children. We can’t wait to go back.
We stayed at San Destin Resorts
We first book through the resort directly but then a friend told me I should book through VRBO. So we did just that.
 You can also book through a great place called
During our stay we enjoyed…
Hours  of playtime in the clear water and white sand.
 A huge movie theater in the Destin Commons shopping Mall.
A dolphin tour on wave runners through SunShine Watersports with Russ –¬†
Playing card and board games
Free wifi gave us the ability to watch netflicks in our room
Eating breakfast and relaxing on our beachfront balcony
There was many restaurants on the resort propert. One of our favorites included we highly recomend this place for breakfast and lunch.
We also enjoyed we went there a few times.
There were grocery stores less than a mile away.
Everything was so relaxing
There are many things to do in the area for all ages. So if you want to be kept a bit busier you definitely could keep busy.

Our road trip out there was fun also. A friend told us to stop in Louisiana at exit 64.

Chateau des Cocodries ~

So our first stop was at Chateau des Cocodries…the House of Alligators! It’s a cool place in Jennings located in Louisiana exit 64. You can see and hold baby alligators, and see big ones too. This was a very fun and rare thing to do.
We also stopped at a few other rest stops visitor centers. Stopping at all the different state rest stops was a fun way to learn a little bit about each state.
Some are really nice an have snacks and drinks for the family. They all had nice walking trails.
Stoping at these rest stops brought great memories of my childhood and our long  family road trips across the United states. My parents would stop at many of these visitor centers.
Next time we take a road trip to Destin we want to stop near lafayette Louisiana for a swamp tour. We have also heard that tabasco tour and the Avery Island is a must see.
SEE more photos from our trip at this link –¬†
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