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Christmas Day 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!
We actually slept in till 8:45am. With excitement the kids rushed out to their stockings. We then had a Christmas morning devotional time. Our focus was obviously on Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas but this year we also focused a great deal on a thankful and giving heart. We all have so much to be thankful for.
After a wonderful breakfast we started opening the many gifts.

Our afternoon was filled with playing wii games and eating dinner. The evening was so much fun and filled  with the amazingly fun games from the game show ~ Minute to Win It. See this link for the game ideas!

As you look through the many Minute to Win It game photos you will see near the end how the tissue box game quickly turned into our own tissue fight game. We had so much fun making a mess. I am glad it was tissue and not whip cream.

“Countdown to Christmas” ~ day 24 Christmas Eve

Today was a very relaxed prep day. I briamed the Turkey, made a few desserts, and did a quick clean up around the house. We then went to enjoy some snow and sled runs at a neighborhood church. The evening was filled with attending a Christmas musical and candlelight service at my sisters church. Carla actually had one of the key rolls in this years productions. She did fantastic! After the servise we went back to my house for a bunch of yummy snacks, card games and a movie.

One of Zachary and Alexis’s favorite tradition and memory of Christmastime is sleeping next to our Christmas tree. I was raised with this tradition also. Somehow just laying next to the tree trying to fall asleep with soft Christmas music playing and the twinkle of the Christmas lights on my face still seems so special. it was fun having our little dog Crystal take part is this years tradition.

Last Christmas we tried to incorporate a visit from Santa. It did not go so well but is very funny. See video below.

“Countdown to Christmas” ~ day 23

We were done wrapping gifts but somehow even if you are done shopping two weeks before Christmas if you happen to walk in to lets say Kohls you will probably find new gifts to by. So back to gift wrapping the last few items.
Uncle Ryan was busy making a handmade card  for his fiance and Zachary had fun making her a card also.
Later that night we went to The Woodlands for round two of ice skating.

“Countdown to Christmas” ~ day 23

Today we woke up to the sad news of my wonderful Grandma Petersen had passed away. My Grandma was a very special Christian woman and truly one of my best friends. I am saddened my her passing but I know she is rejoicing since she now home with Jesus.  Her Godly wisdom will continue to stay with me for a lifetime.

After a rather somber morning some of us decided to keep on with the rest of our daily plans. So off to Santa Town we went.
We had such a fun and relaxing time hanging around the country style  Santa town, eating yummy food and listening to great Country Christmas music. I love good fiddle music! We also did the drive through lights display. We highly recommend Santa’s Wonderland & Santa Town.

“Countdown to Christmas” ~ day 22

Time to serve! Today was such a special day. Our “Truth in Motion” drama and music group has been practicing for a few months now. They have already preformed at church twice but this performance was different. This time we were preforming two times to the wonderful people who reside in the Eden Terrace assisted living and convalescent homes. It was so wonderful to visit with the men and woman who live there. The kids did such a wonderful job and truly sang to them from their hearts. We had talked earlier with the children about how they can help the people living  there feel loved and cared about. They had all practiced questions they could ask or things they could share with them. We also handed out fruit and candy canes to the residences.

Right after we had finished singing to the first group there was a lady that was wheeled into the room. We greeted her and talked with her a bit. She said she was sad to have had missed it. I quickly talked with the kids and we then decided to sing a song especially just for her. So all the kids gathered around her wheel chair and started singing the song  “Do you hear what I hear” Each time it was a child’s personal solo they would step extra close to her and sing right to her with smiles and so much love. The sweet dear lady was so blessed and filled with joy.  I was so touched by the kids open heart, willingness to serve and love that was just poring out. It was definitely a tear jerking moment. It was awesome to be reminded that God used our talents when He wants to and all we have to do is be ready and willing.

After the performances we had a very fun afternoon eating lunch at the yummy Chick-fil-a and then bowling.

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