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Our trip to Pacific Grove Ca

Jeff and I have always loved the California coast. Our little special area on the map is Pacific Grove. We love Kyaking, walking on the rocky shore and just watching the sunset.
Since having children we had not made it back to our coastal town. This year we finally made it.
We decided to stay at one of the nicest resorts that we could aford. It was nice and it was expensive. We later decided that we could be happy with less but still enjoyed the experiance.

We ate at our all-time favorite breakfast place. First awakenings.   they have an amazing breakfast menu and were even featured on one of Rachel Rays Tv shows. One of our favorites included, Organic hearty pancakes with loads of raspberries and chocolate in them. A stack of three is impossible to eat. they are as large as your plate!

The kids so enjoyed visiting the Pacific Ocean and walking on the rocks and exploring the tide pools. It was a fun adventure for us all. We also visited the Monterey Aguarium. My favorite exhibit was the Seahorse exhibit. Seahorses are so facinating. The one you see in our photos was amazing. It looks like a pile of floating seaweed but when you look closely you see the amazing creature our God created.

Our hotel had a special treat for the kids on our last night. They brought the kids cookies and milk in goblets. the kids thought this was fun. They decided to dress up in the oversized bath robes and eat their cookies and milk in style.


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