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Crystal’s fly’s to California

We adopted our dog Crystal this past October and since then she has truly become part of our family.  So when we booked a 5 week long trip to California there was no plan to leave her with a dog sitter. She was coming with us.

We figured it was about the same price anyways. either way it was expensive like a 5the person but worth it. Zach and Alexis loved having her with us on my parents property. Crystal loved my parents land to run on. My mom was gracious enough to let her sleep in the back pourch. She is not an animal person so her even allowing the dog halfway inside was a extra treat. I think Crystal grew on my mom by the middle of the trip.

Our first weekend there my parents cat had it out for Crystal. Crystal is friends with a few cats in our neighborhood so she kindly walked up to my parents cat “Latte” to great her. Latte was not to pleased with Crystals arrival and clawed Crystal in the eye. Her eye was cut and so off to the animal hospital I went. $150 later Crystal was on her way to saving her eye with three different meds. the Doctor said it was pretty bad.

The rest of the trip wend smoothly for Crystal.

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