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So our life in Texas begins…

We got our second vehicle (Honda Accord 2000), finally! So today is my last day of dropping Jeff off and picking him up from work!
It is so nice having this house and having more space for the kids to play. Right now Alexis is in the TV room watching ballet and Zachary is playing legos in his bedroom. Finally some peace and I can go an hour without always entertaining them.
Zachary is starting pre k school this Thursday. Our church has a preschool and a pre K program. We found a church that we absolutely love. It is a southern Baptist church, great worship, wonderful sermons listen here, and a children’s program that we have been praying for. They also have morning adult Sunday school (life group). We feel like we are already getting connected and our excited about meeting new friends. Many of the people we are meeting live in our community or within a few miles.
Tonight I will take Zachary to Awanas and alexis to a different class and Jeff and I are going to go to a finance class.
It is amazing how I am getting busy but I feel like I have so many more hours in the day to accomplish things. I am sure this is only a season but I am thankful for it. I have been working some from home, I am still designing scrapbook layouts for and (we are on the front page of this site).
I have even had enough time to make nice dinners like meatloaf and potatoes, cabbage rolls and chicken pot pie etc… However the cook that I once was is not showing herself, so far every meal I make has some element of mistake. Weir stuff that I have never messed up on like making my mashed potatoes to runny and soft or undercooking the bread rolls or accidentally adding worchester sauce to my chocolate cake instead of Vanilla. I laugh and tell myself I am working out the kinks but I think having two little cooks to help is possibly what may be my new mojo. Who Knows! I am determined to make a non flawed meal soon.
That is all for now

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