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“Countdown to Christmas” ~ day 22

Time to serve! Today was such a special day. Our “Truth in Motion” drama and music group has been practicing for a few months now. They have already preformed at church twice but this performance was different. This time we were preforming two times to the wonderful people who reside in the Eden Terrace assisted living and convalescent homes. It was so wonderful to visit with the men and woman who live there. The kids did such a wonderful job and truly sang to them from their hearts. We had talked earlier with the children about how they can help the people living  there feel loved and cared about. They had all practiced questions they could ask or things they could share with them. We also handed out fruit and candy canes to the residences.

Right after we had finished singing to the first group there was a lady that was wheeled into the room. We greeted her and talked with her a bit. She said she was sad to have had missed it. I quickly talked with the kids and we then decided to sing a song especially just for her. So all the kids gathered around her wheel chair and started singing the song  “Do you hear what I hear” Each time it was a child’s personal solo they would step extra close to her and sing right to her with smiles and so much love. The sweet dear lady was so blessed and filled with joy.  I was so touched by the kids open heart, willingness to serve and love that was just poring out. It was definitely a tear jerking moment. It was awesome to be reminded that God used our talents when He wants to and all we have to do is be ready and willing.

After the performances we had a very fun afternoon eating lunch at the yummy Chick-fil-a and then bowling.

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