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Disney World Trip

The Tonkin trip to Disney was fun and full of adventure.
The cold rain welcomed us to Florida. Unfortunately all our pre-purchased ponchos and umbrellas were checked luggage and not arriving to our room until later that afternoon. So we decided to buy a very nice large family size Mickey umbrella and two ponchos. I was thankful I had dressed the kids warm and with their jackets on the plane. That first few days the lines were very short. In just four hours at Magic Kingdom, we rode nine rides. Since Zach had been tired and suffering with asthma, we decided to check in early. That night Zach was up almost all night with asthma and breathing treatments. By the next morning all the medication seemed to finally kick in.
The next morning we had a very fun delicious breakfast at Chef Mickey’s character breakfast. We had a blast there and celebrated Zachary’s 7th birthday!
The rain stopped for the next two days but it was windy and only 42 degrees. It is funny what you put up with to have fun.  At least there was so much to do inside!
Friday was very rainy again and it was our Epcot day. We enjoyed our dinner at Le Cellier, a Canadian steakhouse. Delicious! In the evening we went to the Norwegian storybook character dinner. This is where Alexis got her chance to see and talk with five princesses. She loved this so much!
Unfortunately, Jeff and I both got viciously sick from dinner and was up all night vomiting and other food poisoning symptoms. The kids slept fine through it all. The next morning we called our travel insurance and they sent a doctor and nurse to our room to give us influenza, swine flu, and other tests. At this point they said Jeff was not doing well and needed a two liters of IV fluids.  I was feeling a bit better and on some medication. I did not want to miss a whole day of Disney so as Jeff was getting three hours of IV’s in the room I took the kids to Hollywood Studios to see some kid shows. They had fun! That night I took the kids to the Pop Century hotel cafeteria. Zach ordered a hamburger as he had a night or two before. After two bites he said it tasted bad. He did not eat anymore but a few hours later it was his turn to start vomiting. The next morning the doctor came back to our room this time to check on Zachary and test Jeff to see how he was doing. The odds of us all getting food poisoning seems odd but who knows. Zach did not feel much like eating but as tested did not have a virus or flu either.  For the rest of our stay we pretty much ate the BRATT diet! The kids loved it! Drinks, popsicles, fruit, crackers, some ice cream, cut veggies etc… We stayed away from the meats as much as possible.
Before the medics left the doc said that I did not sound good. I had a small tickle type cough. He tested my air and said my levels were low and that I was struggling with asthma and then gave me a breathing treatment.  
Sunday and Monday went so much smoother. The weather was in the high 50’s and low 60’s and sunny. We felt a bit better. We had two full days left to really enjoy the parks to their fullest. We had a great time. Staying out late and using every bit of energy we had left! Lucky kids had us pushing both of them much of the time in a stroller. The stroller started to break on the second to last day and completely broke on the very last day.  I think this was definitely a sign that we covered a lot of land. The plane flight went smoothly on the way home.
Overall I would sum up our trip as perfectly imperfect. Looking forward to next time and all the adventures it may hold.

Now home and definitely hanging out in our pj’s just recouping from more fun and adventures than we are use to.
Alexis top favorites
Seeing the characters
Watching the parades
Dreams do come true show
Thunder Mountain (4 x)
The Royal Carousel (4 x)
It’s a small world (4 x)
Dumbo elephant (3 x)
Tower of Terror (Yes she loved getting air off the seat!)
Main Street Bakery’s chocolate cake (3x)
Zachary’s top favorites
Dinosaur the ride (2 x)
Thunder Mountain (4 x)
Star Tours
Rockin Aerosmith Rollercoaster (3x)
Tower of Terror (3x)
Haunted Mansion (2x)
Jungle Cruise (Because he was asked to be the driver. He thought it was for real and loved every moment of it!)
Lights, Motors, Action stunt show (We were asked to introduce the show and got special VIP director chair seating! Zachary said it made him feel like he was a teenager.)
Animal Kingdom Safari (He loved looking for and spotting all the real animals)
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Dennis Petersen - February 18, 2010 - 11:18 pm

We just love your narrative and photos… next best thing to being there with you all. It's after 10 pm but Mom (Vi) just got home from a long 11-hour teaching day and still had energy to review your report here. We look forward to hearing all about your adventure in Florida. Love you all. Mom and Dad

The Clover Family - February 24, 2010 - 4:24 am

Oh my goodness! I did not know you went to Disneyworld. It sounds like you had fun even with all the illness. I hope all is well with you and we miss y'all so much. Thanks for being so detailed on the events that took place. Must have been difficult to handle, but you can look back and never forget it!! Hope to talk to you soon!!

D i g i   S m i l e s   F a c e b o o k