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Life Lesson – You can’t believe everything on TV

I was folding laundry and Zachary (6) and Alexis (4) were watching a TV program (little house on the Prairie). Zachary came rushing into my room telling me that I needed to “come see the commercial.” He was going on and on about how there was a commercial for something he thought I needed. He went to show me the tivoed infomercial commercial. He then pushed pause again and said “mom the man on the commercial said you must call now to get that price!” Oh I smiled at the innocents my child was so sweetly displaying. Today he was also watching a Tivoed program and he again runs to me excited but this time a bit confused because this time he was second guessing the commercial about what he thought he heard. “Mom this man on this commercial said you can get a car for free with no payments. I know cars cost a lot of money but he said you can get them for free.” This time I had a bit longer time talking with him about the sales tactics of today’s world. It is so fun being a mom and watching our children grow and learn?

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