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First overnight family vacation

Yes we have spent a night or many away from home but it was always visiting family or camping. We decided to take a trip to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, The Riverwalk and Sea World. The night before we left Zachary was really concerned about something. He came to me and asked, “Mom if we are not going to bring our tent then where are we going to sleep? The Car?” I told him that we were going to sleep in a motel. This idea was completely new to him and he did not understand it.
Once we arrived to the hotel excuse me Motel! We realized that we got what we paid for which was not much… I honestly was about to let the badly kept room get me a bit grumpy but just before I uttered a negative description of the motel I booked… Zachary and Alexis rushed into the bathroom that I was analizing and with so much excitement stated “Mom this motel is awesome!” Yes they were truly so excited to be there. The unkempt and smelly motel room did not bother them at all they were so excited to be there. So at that moment i made the choice to enjoy it with my children and to laugh it off. Sometimes we just need to be like a child or be reminded to view things in life through the eyes of a child. Our trip to sea world was very enjoyable and we even had a great night sleep. Next time I will spend a bit more on the motel maybe even book a hotel!

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