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Alexis 4 year Birthday

Last week Alexis turned 4.
Alexis woke up to find a table decorated for her special day. Daddy & Zachary bought her flowers and mommy bought her a small little cake. This is the first store bought cake I have bought and I must say it made life easy and she liked it even more. We ate pancakes, sausage and fruit salad for breakfast. She was so excited to be celebrated.

4 years old she seems so big. For some reason it seems like she has already been 4 years old. Maybe I have been treating her like she was older.
A little about Alexis at just 4 years old.
Alexis loves Barbie Princesss
Her favorite movie is still Annie
She just started really liking horses and carries a stuffed white hourse around with her everywhere.
She loves baby dolls
She loves to sing
Her favorite song is “I am a promise”
Her favorite colors are pink and purple
She can count to 40 without a mistake and to a hundred with help.
she is just starting to learn how to write her letters and numbers and has a few of them mastered.
Her favorite food is turkey sausage, fruit, yogurt and egg and toast.
Her cutest word is rub dub – This is what she says when she goes to have a bath. “I need to go have a bath and wash with my rub dub.”

Her personality is very spunky but still somewhat shy and reserved. She is so determined and independent and very competitive. If she sees someone else doing something difficult she wants to try it and she does with all her might.

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