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Zachary is made a important decision 12-24-09

Today Christmas Eve we are celebrating because Zachary has decided to live his life for Jesus.
For the past year Zachary has had many questions and comments about God, Jesus and heaven. He has even told me a few times after a nightly bible reading that he wants to invite Jesus into his heart. As a parent I so wanted Jeff (daddy) to be apart of this that I would say something in the effect of “Oh that is exciting lets tell daddy and have him be apart of this.” Then the timing was off or he was not fully ready.
A few days ago when Jeff was at work he told me that he wanted to invite Jesus into his heart and be a Christian. We talked about it and he seems really ready. So once again I wanted daddy to be apart of this important decision so we looked at the calendar and said in two days daddy will have Christmas off. What better day to invite Jesus into your heart that on Christmas Day. Zachary was excited about this. On Christmas Eve we attended a candle light service. Zachary was very attentive during the service. At the end the pastor lead a salvation prayer. Jeff and I both noticed that Zachary was intently praying. We didn’t think much more about it. Thant night before we went to bed we were talking and Jeff said “Zachary tomorrow is the day you will invite Jesus into your heart.” Zachary looked at us and said “I already am a Christian. Tonight at church when the pastor was asking people to say the prayer I said it, I meant it and I don’t have to pray it again, because I am already a Christian.” We were surprised so then we went on to have a prayer thanking the Lord for his decision to follow Jesus. It is so exciting and such a blessing to see your children have such love for the Lord.

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