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Let it snow

Today was such an awesome day. We woke up and it was oh so cold. I was actually thinking that the cold could dampen our day. Jeff had today off so we planned a fun family day. Jeff made a yummy breakfast before we went to Toys R Us to do some browsing with Zach and Alexis. Then we went to Starbucks for a yummy warm up drink and snack. After swapping sips between lattes and hot chocolates, we strolled over to an ice rink where we quickly cooled down again to an icy 32 degrees on the ice. After skating for awhile, a group of people scurried outside yelling, “It’s snowing!!!” Everyone was so excited since snow in Houston is not very common. We then carried on with skating for about an hour. The kids had so much fun skating; Alexis just didn’t want to leave the ice. Once we arrived home, we had fun playing in the snow that was on our lawn and cars. It actually snowed from 3-9pm tonight. Zachary and Alexis both were so excited to be blessed with snow. At one point, when we were driving home from skating, the snow started changing to sleet. Zachary was so concerned that it would stop snowing, he started praying aloud… “Dear God, please let it turn back to snow, please let it turn back to snow…”
It did, Thank you God. Zachary said later that the snow was like a gift.
Simple pleasures that can mean so much. Taking time to enjoy the little things can be so fun.

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