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Zach and his pet snake

This is Zach’s pretty green and yellow snake named Stryper! Jeff found him a few months back in our backyard.  After some research we learned that this non poisonous snake was perfect to keep as a pet snake. So now Zach has a 20 gallon snake home in his room. He gets to catch frogs for the snake to eat. Recently Zach has been wanting to cuddle with his snake. As many of you already know, snakes are not great cuddlers. Zach was holding the snake for over an hour as he watched a movie. The snake eventually had enough and bit him. Zach said it did not hurt. But then a few days later he was walking down the street showing friends his snake. Once again the holding time exceeded what the snake prefers and bit him again. This time latching on tightly. Jeff and a neighbor friend down the street had to force open the snakes mouth with two keys. Poor Zach and poor helpless snake. Clearly Zach needs a dog. A snake or turtle just will not do. We just had allergy testing done for dogs and we were excited to be told that Zach and Alexis are dog allergy free. Zach is allergic to cats. Yes we are keeping the snake!

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StacyA - October 11, 2010 - 8:27 pm

cool snake! my kids are jealous 😉

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