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Hoppers for Dinner

Crickets for a bedtime snack!
Yes we are a bit weird but it was fun and not as nasty as you may think. Here is the website promoted by the food network for your future bug tasting events :)!

After the food network showed a show on extreme foods Zachary said he might try that someday. I thought better to try it know then wait.

I was surprised at how willing Zachary was to try this bug. Yet I still can not get him to try mashed potatoes!

Alexis was the only one the did not want to eat one. I did not plan on eating one but after the boys and grandpa Jack ate one I was encouraged to try. It was kinda like a very crunchy trisket cracker.
Zach started with a leg and said it tasted like a chip. Now what weird food should we try next?

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