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Funny comments by Zach & Alexis ~ LOL!

When visiting my moms house Zachary saw a photo of me when I was a teenager. He smiled and said, “Mom, you sure were pretty when you were a teenager.” then he paused and sweetly said “Sure to bad you don’t still look like that!” I said I don’t look pretty like when I was a teenager? He noticed that he possibly said something a bit untactful and then says “Well, you almost look as pretty as when you were a teenager, you just have pimple now!”
The funny thing is that I think I look better now and have less acne now then I did then. LOL!

Zach and Alexis were in the van talking about how they heard a kid say the worst bad word there is. They then said mom I am not going to say it but I want to spell it for you. Zach then spelled OMIG. He then said “I know it is bad to say that but if I am singing a song to God it is okay to say, Oh my God in a song (he then sings the following)  “Oh my God your are so Good, Oh my God is a big God and so on…”

Alexis gave me a big hug and at the same time said with so much excitement in her voice “”I love my big fat mama.” What? you think I am fat? Shethen answered, No not really but you are bigger than me!

Alexis was sitting in the front seat of the van as we waited for Zach and daddy to come out of McDonald’s. A  police man walked out of McDonald’s and she says. “Oh no a police man I better hide!” and then hides herself under the van dash. I ask her why she felt she had to hide when she saw the police man. I asked her if she did something bad. She said “No I’ve been good but I thought we were suppose to hide from them so they don’t get us.” I laughed and fond it cute and funny but also feel a second field trip to the police station may be needed so she can understand the police mans job is to help and protect us.

Alexis (age 5) still thinks that when she grows up she can marry her daddy or her brother. I tried again how to explain the who we marry topic.  I thought she understood and then she says well then why did Carla (my sister get married to Uncle Virgil. He is my Uncle and in the family.

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Christina - September 22, 2010 - 9:44 pm

OK, so I am seriously laughing out loud! Although i have never seen your teenage pics, I think you look great now and are definitely not FAT! But, Alexis is right, you are bigger than her!
Aren’t kids the cutest ever? Funny stuff!

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