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2nd Annual Hot Coco Stand to help a family in need


Today, we hosted our second annual Christmas hot cocoa stand with many friends to raise money for a family in need. When the day started, we had a string of seemingly bad luck, or at least the devil not wanting us to succeed with the hot cocoa stand in order to help a family in need. We raced around trying to get all the last minute items as sprinkling rain started coming down on us. Everything eventually came together wonderfully as the sprinkling only came and went after a very short time. We feel so blessed to have an opportunity to do this fundraiser for the second year now. We are so thankful that so many people reposted the flyer on Facebook.  So many givers came because they read the post somewhere on Facebook. Thank you to KSBJ for mentioning the cocoa stand on air.

We continue to be amazed by the number of complete strangers that donate money to help a good cause.

I want to encourage you to find a way to serve with your family throughout the year. We truly feel like it is not Christmas until we do a service project together. But remember, the service project can be simple and small.  As small as helping someone take their grocery cart back, giving a waitress or grocery clerk a small gift, and writing a short note thanking them for their hard work.  Give the gift of patience by letting someone into your lane while driving (especially in holiday traffic) I am sure you can think of many other ideas. Serving together helps create lasting memories and simply exemplifies God’s command for us to love one another.

So now for the big announcement of the grand total…

Thank you to all who came by or encouraged someone else to come by the hot cocoa stand in Eagle Springs. Thank you to all who donated toys, food, money, gift cards, or home essentials to help the family in need. We are so excited to go provide essential items for this family. The cash amount raised was $696.50.  After counting the donations, our 10-yr. old son ran upstairs to his room and quickly came back down. He put a few dollars on the table and said, “I would like to make it an even $700.” So the grand total is now $700.50.

What is even more amazing is that a handful of people have called and still want to help by donating additional items to the family in need. This experience is so awesome and amazing! We LOVE how God uses all of us to bless others in need.

Merry Christmas and may God bless you!

Christine & Jeff Tonkin and family

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