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The gift of flowers

I have always been someone who never really needed many gifts to know that someone cares. In fact, early on in our dating and marriage years, I would tell Jeff “don’t waste money on buying me gifts, I would much rather have some quality time.”
We have been married almost 9 years and I hardly remember getting flowers from Jeff, per my request, and I was okay with that. I don’t think I have ever desired them.
But a week ago, Jeff surprised me with a bouquet of yellow tulips – for no special reason at all. To my surprise, I must say my viewpoint on the gift of flowers has changed. This past week, each time I pass by flowers I stop and smile and think of Jeff. I truly love the yellow tulips and I love how they remind me many times in a day that my husband loves me and took the time to get them for me. I am sure most moms would agree that just knowing that your husband or kids are thinking of you with loving thoughts is wonderful.
So I now realize that the gift of flowers can be so much more than the flower itself. It is a reminder that you are loved and appreciated! Tokens of love. I totally get it now and love it! Even though I always did know that small gifts and flowers were tokens of love, I just didn’t think that I needed them. Maybe I don’t need them, but how great it is to get them.
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