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We Love our Texas Rainy Days

Today has been truly a fun day! In the early afternoon the summer rain started to fall. Oh how we love standing outside in the rain. Yes even me 🙂 After an hour playing in the rain Zach and Alexis asked if we could make a mini bon fire. I thought sure I have time for this today. So I decided that our cast Iron pot would work as a good fire pit. We searched the house for things we could burn. Luck for us we found a bunch of unused paint sticks and newspaper. Alexis did not want to get to close to the fire but Zachary enjoyed every minute. We enjoyed a few mint chocolate marshmallows that we decided to roast. Zach likes his burnt. Alexis likes hers warm.  After the rain the kids asked if they could draw all over their arms and legs with Crayola pens. They were surprised when I said yes. I even let them draw a few things on me.  If you are wondering…. Yes, the pens are washable 🙂 !

I love my kidos and am so thankful I had a slower pace day to enjoy some fun things with them.

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