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Alexis has lost two teeth in one week!

Alexis lost tooth #2 & #3

So it was a few weeks ago when I blogged about Alexis loosing her first tooth. Well this week she decided to loose to more.

She lost her first top front tooth. This tooth defiantly made the biggest visible change in her mouth. She is such a brave little girl. Soon as it got to loose for her to put up with she said. “mom wake me up when dad get’s home so he can pull my tooth.”  So I did wake her up and sure enough she let daddy pull out her second tooth. Two days later she bit into a rice crispy treat and loosened her third loose tooth. that night she kept wiggling and a jiggling it and once again asked daddy to pulled for her. This time the tooth had a bit of blood on it so even though it did not hurt when it was pulled the sight of a spec of blood made her a bid woozy and sick. Poor thing she broke into a hot sweat and got very pail and said she could not move. We all know that feeling. My poor brave girl is now becoming a very rich little girl. She asked if she gets extra money for having two out in the same week. We  said “no” but told her said she can have extra cuddles. 🙂

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