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My little Girl Alexis

Alexis like most girls loves to dress up in all her princess and ballerina outfits. She will prance around the house singing love songs from the Disney princess movies.
But recently she has started a fixation with woman’s bra’s. A few months ago she would ask me “Mommy are you wearing a bra?” I would laugh as I answered “yes I am.” She would then lift her shirt and say “I don’t have a bra, I want a bra too!” Then she started grabbing her tank tops and wanting to wear them under her clothes and would tell Jeff and I that it was her bra.
A few days ago we were in Marshalls and passed by the bra section. She ran up to the pretty valentine bras and grabbed one and showed it to a lady that was shopping and said with great excitement, “You will like this one, it is pritty!” We both had a good laugh. Yesterday we went back to Marshals to make a return and she again ran to the same rack of bras to admire them.
It is amazing to me how a little girl at age 2 does not have to be trained to like pretty things she just does. If we pass by pink scrapbook supplies, sheets or anything with pritty colors and ribbon she will admires how pretty they are.
Alexis is also very particular about wearing clothing that matches. If mommy grabs some mismatched clothing to wear around the house she will tell me over and over again “mommy this is not pritty it does not match.” I have fun watching her go to her room and grab different clothing that matches to fix my pitiful mistake.
I must admit that Alexis motivates me to dress better that I sometimes want to. How silly is that!

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